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From The Lovin’ Ovens of Memphis, TN’s Own Beneva Mayweather Comes The Culinary Collection By Beneva Mayweather

These products not only capture the essence of flavors that were essential to Beneva Mayweather in her over 40+ years in the food service industry, but it allows her grandson to bring to the marketplace the secrets that Beneva developed and used to make memorable culinary creations – delicious, satisfying dishes like every mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, and godmother have made, and continue to make, in homes and kitchens everywhere. She prepared timeless meals that up until today were some of Beneva's personal kitchen secrets. Now, unlike all the other mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and godmothers who prepare one of a kind unmatched cuisines, Beneva's secrets to her success in the kitchen have been unlocked, and her grandson and his company are sharing these secrets with the world!

Our recipes

Here are a few sample recipes that we find to be some of our favorites using the Beneva Mayweather line of seasonings and breaders.

We Cater

Rooted in a commitment to culinary excellence, Beneva Mayweather Foods brings a fusion of gourmet fine Southern Cuisine and Comfort Food Delights that are sure to please both you and your guests' respective palettes for any of your catering needs.

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